PayPro has evolved! Now we are INFINIT

We have created a new brand that will replace PayPro. This has been done in order to deliver a new and fresh brand.

What will happen next?

The plan is to keep meeting our goals and launch the application as well as to unlock the token as soon as possible.

Even though our Marketing will focused on Infinit, PayPro will keep alive at least on this website so you can keep track of us.

Are you an ICO participant?

All of our communication channels will keep working under the same name in order to give coverage to all of you who joined our ICO. 

Furthermore, do not forget to keep tuned with us on our weekly report on

Also, you still can get in touch with us on [email protected] or using the chat located on the bottom-right side of this website.

Even though some milestones have been delayed, we are struggling in order to meet all the goals.

Hence, our next milestone is to deliver the wallet application for both iOS and Android before the end of 2018.

Provided the application has some success during the first months in the market, we will be able to work on the marketplace.



Keep tuned with us!

We are releasing a weekly report every week where we explain what we have been doing. Usually, all reports are released on Wednesday.

Check them out on Medium


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